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australia factsAustralia is the only country that takes up an entire continent! But you already knew that…

paris eiffel towerWould you have guessed that France is the most-visited country in the entire world? It is!

┬áStay tuned as we’ll be adding tons of new content in early 2014. That’s right – a ton of mind-blowing, crazy and just downright interesting little-known facts about the places in the world that you want to travel to most! Are you going to a tourist destination this year and want to amaze your friends or parents with bizarre facts? We’ve got the best collection anywhere. Bookmark us and check back soon!

california freeway trafficDid you know that almost 1/4 of the total land area in Los Angeles is set aside for cars?!

countries with most airports
Amazingly, one out of three of all airports in the world are located in the United States!

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